Walking into Craftworld as a kid is still a precious memory to me - all of those pretty beads, foam pieces, yarns & threads, paints, and (oh my gosh!) stickers!  I love crafting!!

A couple years ago, I crocheted hats and scarves for charity to benefit local Burmese refugees at a church.  The following year, my grandmother (who taught me how to crochet as a tween) and I worked together to make 100 winter hats for our homeless/low-income community.  Working on all of those hats and scarves gave me the confidence to learn new patterns.  This past September, I decided to create a Fan Page on Facebook for my creations.  It's bloomed beyond my expectations!  I never could have imagined how great my fans would be!

Currently, I'm juggling being a stay-at-home-mom of three children, homeschooling, and my new small business.  It's chaotic, but great!