Sunday, March 6, 2011


Day 1
 Spending time working this weekend at the 7th Annual Sock Monkey Madness Festival was such a blessing!!  I never knew just how beloved the Sock Monkey really was!  Mostly everyone had their own unique monkey doll with them and a few stopped by to share their stories with me.  I also met some great vendors from near and far (North Carolina, Wisconsin, and even California!).  I made a total of 33 hats for the show...and sold 25 of them, while also taking 6 orders! Needless to say, my table was WIPED OUT!  I was amazingly blessed with such a great outcome!

Austin's sign
On the sceond day of the festival, I hired my son, Austin, to help me out.  It was easier to have him there to watch over the table for those times when I just couldn't hold it anymore, LOL!!  There was a point in time when I only had baby hats left for sale, so he made me a paper sign to set next to them to let everyone know  :) 

New additions
Of course, we couldn't leave the festival empty handed!  Austin found these adorable tiny monkeys for $5 each.  He chose one for his brother and sister, as well as himself.  He's already started working on making a superhero cape for his!

The experience I had here this weekend was fantastic and I'll be counting down the days until next year's show!!  Thanks to God for getting me through the preparation and the show with great success, and thanks to a few of my fans for making it out to see me!!  It means so much to me!

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