Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tick, tick, tick...


My FIRST yarn bomb!

I've been itching to create my own "yarn bomb" ever since I discovered what they were a couple weeks ago.  When I first heard the term, I pictured people taking their yarn scraps and throwing them over trees, similar to toilet-papering.  But I soon discovered it is a form of graffiti, although not actual graffiti since it is removable and causes no damage to property.  It is also considered a form of art.  People typically place brightly colored creations on boring or run down things throughout the city to make them more beautiful.  This morning was my first attempt at surprising someone with a "bomb"! 

As you can see, "yarn bombing" can be extreme!  I found this little jewel HERE.  I'm not sure I could ever do anyting quite so large.  Right now I'm happy just to leave small treasures for people to enjoy. 

This photo was found HERE.  Very cool!!!

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