Wednesday, December 15, 2010

And the winner is....

I'm a gifter by nature; I love to see people enjoying something I've given them, especially if it's handmade!  This giveaway was so much fun for me!  I enjoyed reading your responses and hope that you will all keep coming back! 

A few people had forgotten to list their email address and went on to post a second time, which was fine!  So out of 69 comments, there were truly only 66.  I went to to enter in the information and #34  was chosen!!  That's you BREANNA MILLER!  Congratulations!!  I will contact you by email for your mailing address and will get it out the door in the next couple days. 

There's still hope for the rest of you!  I have more giveaways lined up for January that you won't want to miss!  The details for these giveaways will be posted on or around January 2nd. 

Thank you all for becoming followers of my blog.  I truly do appreciate it!!

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